Hey! I'm Ashley - wife, mother, and accidental business starter. I started creating as a way to fill my boredom in Suburbia. Soon my hobby turned into a side-hustle, and then exploded into a full-time gig that replaced my job as a chemistry research scientist. My days are exhausting as I bounce between our 4 kiddos and getting through orders, but I wouldn't change it for anything!

My favorite part of this business is making decor that holds a special meaning and isn't just another mass-produced sign filling an empty space. I am a big believer that where you are from matters...and it's the people you meet along your journey and the places you've been that shape your life into what it is. I am a born and raised Minnesota girl. From the sunny Summers to the snowy Winters, this land of 10,000+ lakes has my heart...where's your heart?!?

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